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How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

Adding oil to engine

If your vehicle is in need of an oil change in Asheville, NC, you’re probably wondering, “how long does an oil change take?” Most oil changes at Sunshine Chevrolet, Llc typically take less than an hour. To get a better understanding of our wait times, contact us today! You can also schedule a service appointment so our service experts can take care of your vehicle and get you back on Asheville roads quickly and safely.

How Long Should an Oil Change Take on My Own?

Are you looking to perform an oil change in Asheville by yourself? If so, the amount of time it will take is around an hour, more or less. It’s important to keep in mind that changing oil yourself will require new oil, a new oil filter, a new oil filter gasket, a rubber mallet, correctly sized wrenches, a jack, and wheel blocks. Ultimately, it will often be less time consuming, and less expensive, to rely on the service experts at Sunshine Chevrolet, Llc to conduct your oil change.

Additional Oil Change Information

If it’s time for you to get an oil change in Asheville, NC, here is some additional information on oil changes that you should keep in mind:

  • When you turn to Sunshine Chevrolet, Llc near Hendersonville for your next oil change, you can look forward to our oil change specials that will help keep your vehicle maintenance budget-friendly.
  • While Fletcher drivers were often advised that oil changes should be conducted every 3,000 miles, nowadays, new vehicles need oil changes every 5,000-7,500 miles. What’s more, some models can even go 10,000 miles between oil changes. Although, it’s always important to consult your owner’s manual for a specific oil change interval.
  • Make sure to check your owner’s manual to see if your vehicle requires synthetic or conventional oil. Synthetic oil is usually more expensive, but it won’t drastically impact your oil change time.

Visit Sunshine Chevrolet, Llc in Arden for Your Next Oil Change!

Now that we’ve answered the frequently asked question, “how long does an oil change take?” rely on the expert service team at Sunshine Chevrolet, Llc to conduct your oil change near Asheville. Not only do we perform oil changes, but we can take care of other vehicle components from brakes to batteries. If you have any additional questions about our services, reach out to us at 828-585-3101 for more information.

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