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Auto Mechanic Replacing Car Battery

How to Install a Car Battery

If you want to learn how to install a car battery in Asheville, there are a few steps you’ll have to take in order to do it safely. First, you’ll need the following parts and tools: 

Wrenches, battery cleaning solution, a new battery, wire brush, pliers, and anti-corrosion spray are all essential. We also highly recommend wearing a pair of thick rubber gloves to protect your hands, as well as to be extremely careful when handling the battery to avoid spilling battery acid. If you’re having any trouble with the battery installation, you can always reach out to the service experts at Sunshine Chevrolet, Llc for car battery installation near Hendersonville. 



Car Battery Installation: Step-by-Step Process

  1. Start by turning the engine off and activating the parking brake. Then, open the hood and locate the battery. Loosen the nut connecting the black cable (negative cable) from the battery using a wrench. If you have specific battery wrenches or pliers, this will make the process easier. 
  2. Once the nut is loosened, twist and pull the cable off. If you find that it’s stuck, do not use a screwdriveror any other tool to pry it off. This can damage the battery. 
  3. Repeat the preceding steps, remove the red battery cable from the positive terminal. 
  4. Loosen, then remove the battery hold-down clamp. This piece keeps the battery from moving around in the engine. 
  5. At this point, the battery is ready to be removed. Take it out, but be sure to use both hands. Car batteries are heavy and dropping it can cause an unsafe leak. 
  6. Remove any corrosion from the battery tray or hold-down clamp. You can use a solution of baking soda and water or a battery cleaning product.
  7. Use a wire brush to clean off the battery cable connectors with the same cleaning product.
  8. You’re now ready to install the new battery. Place it in the battery tray and tighten the hold-down clamp. 
  9. Spray anti-corrosion solution on the positive and negative terminal of the new battery before connecting. This can help prevent corrosion and extend the battery’s life. 
  10. Attach the battery cables to the battery terminals. First, connect the red cable, then connect the black cable.
  11. Double check the connections to make sure they’re secure, then try to move the battery to ensure it won’t move.
  12. Start the car. If you have any issues, consult with the Fletcher-area battery experts at Sunshine Chevrolet, Llc.

Rely on Sunshine Chevrolet, Llc for Battery Replacement 

Whether you need a new battery to perform a DIY installation or need car battery installation near Hendersonville, you can rely on Sunshine Chevrolet, Llc to get the job done. Visit our service center in Arden, or schedule an appointment online.

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